Hudin Recap 02-08-2008

My writing here has been a bit hit and miss as far as regularity goes. This is because I’ve been writing a good deal more at other sites. It’s not to say that I’m neglecting Hudin, but more using it as a place to write about my personal shiznit. I’m sure that the next time I go traveling (next month) I’ll be putting up more here. But, for those interested who don’t follow my Twitter spam feed, here are some of the recent things I’ve written:

Subsaharska on Maneno:
The Camera is not the Important Part Musing on the crazy equipment people buy when they really need to focus on the basics of photography first.
Finding the Names to Explain Chatting about the myriad of domain names. Honestly, probably not my best work, but it would be weird not to mention it sequentially.
W00t for more Languages! Excitement over Google expanding their African language options for search which is cool stuff.
The ‘Web Free’ (Web 3.0) Starts in Africa Part of the OLPC debate that went around the web a week or two ago as well as talking about the next iteration of the web (Web Free as I call it). One of the stronger things I’ve written, although it could be no end of boring for a deal of people out there.

Global Voices:
Croatia: Changing Eminent Domain for a Golfing Gain Maybe it was the cheesy title, but I hoped this would get more play on the site not just because I think it’s the best researched article I’ve written there, but also because some people are really getting screwed in all this corruption happening in the name of golf!

Blue Danube Wine Blog:
A Cold, Wintry Revisit to La Vinyeta Tasty wines in Northern Catalonia.
A Taste of Slovenia at CAV Minor tasting event that was decent of Slovenian wines.
Cantallops, Where the Fruit is Wine From about a month ago, but another great tasting Northern Catalonia.