Hudin Hits 1,000–Crowds Largely Uncommential

Hudin Hits 1,000--Crowds Largely Uncommential

Well, the moment that was bound to happen has finally happened. This, right here and now, is the site’s 1,000th article. Yeah, I know, some might say, “Astounding!”, “How’d you do it?”, “Zads!”, or “Where’s the the naked pictures?” Obviously the most important thing to say at moments like these are that the naked pictures are in the Bay to Breakers sections: 2006 and 2007, as well as the Folsom Street Fair.

With cheap thrills out of the way, it’s probably time to look at where the site is now, which is what I feel to be in a good shape. As mentioned before and probably will be mentioned again, there are 1,000 articles. I’m guessing that there are about 10% that are really good, 20% that are decent, 30% that are something to read if you’re bored, and then 40% that are pretty bad. I tip my hat to those that have been with me the whole time. I looked back at some of the older articles and they’re nothing more than my blatherings.

Despite all this, there were a few articles that I really liked, which if you are in an office somewhere, stuck in middle management, you might enjoy wasting some time to read:

That’s probably enough to choke anyone. As you’ll see in this list, most of these articles are relatively recent. There is a reason for this and it is my Editor in Chief who challenges me to write articles that are more substantive and interesting. Without her, there would undoubtedly be more “80 Year Old Man” posts and really, the world of the blog needs no more of those.

Beyond the articles though, it appears that I’ve posted 1630 photos to the site. This is something of a bigger deal than the articles because a) I think my photos are a lot better and b) I’ve only been putting them up for the last two years with most of that focused on the last year and a half when I made the switch to a proper SLR.

Much like the articles, my shots have been readily improving with time. I must admit that while the vast bulk of these shots are mine, there are some from Number 1 Fan in there as well, since we travel and do just about everything together. So, if you see a wide shot that’s particularly cool, that’s most likely going to be hers. But, looking over all of these, I originally thought that my favorite gallery as of late was going to be Sarajevo. I do like that gallery a lot, but the one that I think is the most interesting is Belgrade. Both are wild places, but the haphazard collision of multiple empires in Belgrade really made for some interesting shots.

Well, enough of all this. Back to my day job that allows the stories to unfold.

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and although I’ve always enjoyed it, I loved your reports from your last trip to Europe, as well as the photos. I hope your blog will continue improving, so congratulations!

    1. Perhaps it’s because there are a thousand of these blog-oid websites popping up everywhere. Yet, yours is pretty tasteful and laced with bits of humor. Don’t say I never gave you anything ;-)


      Uh sorry, need my chicken pills.

    2. Well yeah, I have gotten something now. Obviously it’s a labor of love or pure ego to have blog, so in the end, I suppose that you do it for yourself.

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