How to Drink a Bosnian Coffee

Most people who know me, know that I really like tea. But, with visiting Sarajevo, I have been converted to being a fan of the Bosanska kafa, or Bosnian coffee.

It’s very cool, served in a džezva, a small pot that has this wide, flared-out base to contain the coffee grounds that are in a fine powder at the bottom. Then there are the small ceramic cups for drinking called fildžan, served along with sugar cubes to mellow the bitterness of the coffee and then a type of candy called a Turkish delight that you can eat with the coffee or after.

It’s all pretty alien to someone like me who hadn’t seen this kind of a coffee rig before, but I was quickly shown how to drink it properly, which I am passing on for the purposes of… I don’t know, being exotic and fancy free or something. Anyways, pictures are below to help out.

I. Stare at it and think, this is very freaking cool, but how do I drink it? Do I want to drink it? It’s like a work of art, but I must drink it.
II. Toss a sugar cube in to the fildžan and fill it up with the džezva.
III. Mix it around a bit and after awhile, take a drink.
IV. You’ll probably get two pours out of the džezva, which is what that second cube is for. Just be sure not to pour in the sludge that is the grounds and once you’re done, eat the Turkish delight that is sitting there. Yes, that’s for eating, so enjoy.

There are varying ways to do all of this, like dipping the sugar cubes in the coffee and nibbling them. I don’t profess to this being THE way to drink the Bosnian Coffee, but just one way to go about it, so that you don’t look completely tour-assy.

How to Drink a Bosnian Coffee

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