How Stupid Am I?

Obviously there can be many, many answers to that question, but it seems that the nice folks at Ford have already decided that I’m pretty dumb. I have realized this due to two “ammenities” that were in the Focus I rented recently.
The first was the automatic doorlocks. I’ll be damned if I could figure out a way to have the car not lock me in once I started driving. It’s like they’re feeding this fear that anywhere, maybe even right now as you drive through the rice fields of the Central Valley, you could be carjacked. Only something like 1 per 10,000 people get carjacked in a year which is about 28,000 people total in the United States. Sure, that’s a decent amount, but come on, I think that if I’m cruising through Hunter’s Point or West Oakland, I can figure out that maybe I should lock my doors and be packin’. What they really need is a buzzer that goes off whenever you come in to the car with Krispy Kremes because you’re just ever so slightly more likely to have a heart attack than be carjacked.
The other thing that is perturbing is when you’re cruising along and you’ve got the stereo rocking out. You come to a stop, turn off the car, get out, maybe get get some Krispy Kremes and hop back in. When you turn the car back on, the stereo will start up, but at a much lower volume. I suppose this is a “safe” volume so that you don’t hurt your ears. Bitches, if I wanted my tunes at that volume I would have put them at that volume. Why are you deciding this stuff for me. Is it that you just want me to wear out the volume knob having to turn the stereo back up all the time. Because if so, let me tell you that if I have to replace one of these OEM decks, it ain’t gonne be with another Ford one. It’ll be with something that rocks tha house, ya hear?
Otherwise, decent drive. Pretty good gas mileage overall and a rather suprising car to be made by an American manufacturer. If you try to drag race from a stoplight be prepared for a good degree of torque steering though, but that seems to be pretty common in most front wheel drive cars.