How Mighty the Topless

How Mighty the Topless

I present you a riddle. The top picture in the montage below is:

  • A local fisherman taking a midnight cruise throw eel infested waters
  • A duck
  • A couple of goofballs in their rented Mustang convertible.

Obviously, the correct choice is number two.

It says right at the start of the car rental section in the tour guide that we got that, “While that convertible Mustang may seem really tempting at the rental office, they are a sure sign of a tourist and will undoubtedly be broken in to while parked.”

I see why they took the time to mention that. For some reason, I am seeing one after another of these damned things and yes, if I wanted to steal stuff from tourists, I would head straight for these vehicles. “Oooh, the top is up, can’t steal nuthin’ there. Oh wait, here’s my knife.”

The most popular color by far and away is red. It’s like they’ve tagged and released you as a tourist in to the wild if you rent one of these things. I mean really, people are free to rent whatever they want, but I just found it really funny. Be free my little tourist, be free!

For our wheels, we picked up some kind of Chevy thing that’s pretty weak and feels like someone tried to go offroading with it at some point, but it gets us around, has no pop-top for easy access to our belongings, and most importantly, is pretty cheap, although the gas mileage is typical of any tin box made by GM. By this, I mean that what I’m saving in the cost of the rental is being eaten up a the pump with the nearly $4 a gallon cost for gas here.

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