How Long Do We Really Have?

I need to revisit my Thanksgiving for a minute because it shows interesting generational differences. For instance, my grandparents’ generation was made out of steel. They have health problems as they get older and everything else, but they don’t complain about it like my parents’ or my generation. They just keep trucking on. My maternal grandfather is a great example. The guy is going to be 86 next year and he’s got all kinds of joint and other things happening that make it hard to get around. If this happened to someone in my age group today, they’d be in a convalescent home for the rest of their pathetic life. Not my grandfather. He keeps going out and about, doing what he can while he’s still got some time to do it. That generation is a funny group. World War II really shaped them in to what they are today and they just don’t give up.
Now, there’s my parent’s generation. Vice Magazine had a great issue dedicated to the boomer generation about how worthless they are. They’re definitely the start of the complain train which has turned in to the bitching expressway for my generation. This generation was so shortsided and impatient. Everyone looks back on the things they with great awe and respect. This is a load of crap. They wanted things to happen right away and weren’t willing to do the work that is took to make them happen the right way, thus the repercussions of their actions will be felt for decades. Maybe they like it this way.
I personally blame them for the Republican party swinging so far to the right and ushering in years of presidents who have done their damndest to undo all the changes that happened in the 60’s. Another great point is the Peoples’ Park protests in Berkeley. Have you been there lately? It’s a haven for drug addicts, homeless hippy burnouts, and the nexus for crime in Berkeley for a four block radius. Some impatient protester actually died to see that happen today! Talk about me, me, me. Now, now now.
Ah, then there’s my generation. We’re crap. The result of the shielded, cottled, doting parents from the 60’s, for the most part, my contemporaries are bags of mush. The slightest criticism turns most of us into crying babies that just want mommy to hold us again. The crazy divorce rate (there’s those me, me, me hippies again) has done wonders to take my sheltered Gen Xers and Gen Whatevers and turn them in to spoiled brats that the likes of which this country has never seen and the consumer forces love to no end. What about our life expectancy? Yeah, science keeps getting better and some day we’ll finally all get on to that one pill a day program. But, it really makes me wonder, because compared to our grandparents, the tendancy to just give up on things runs rampant and I wonder if we’ll clock out somewhere in out forties when things just get too “hard”, man.