How I Miss the Clacking Solari Board

How I Miss the Clacking Solari Board

While waiting to leave Sopron, at the train station I noticed they had one of these old arrivals and departures boards that made the, “clack, clack, clack” bit every time it updated the trains coming and going. It made me a bit melancholy as I love these boards, despite having no understanding as to how they actually work. Quickly, they’re being being replaced everywhere with the digital systems, which are admittedly more efficient and quiet. But with these swerve in to modernity, we’re losing a piece of travel history that I for one really liked.

Maybe it’s an Old World sense that they imbue or maybe it’s how the clacking of the board matched the clacking of the rails so well, but they just fit in with what I always envision travel to be. But, the times are changing and I suppose it is one less noise that we are leaving in the analog/digital hybrid that was the 20th century. But we can’t be without sound though, as we are replacing the clacking of these boards with the beeping, ringing, and shouting of the mobile phone at the station. It is disharmony to say the least.

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  1. I want to get one Solari Board.. Please provide me details regarding: dimensions, power supply, weights, control equipment.
    Thank you regards. John Fenlon

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