How About Thinking Different Again?

Apple has hit new levels of low with their current operating system, OS X.3 (Panther). While this system is a vast improvement over any of the OS X systems that have come to date, it is also a rather blatant rip off of Windows. From a company that makes such a big deal about not being Windows, you’d think this would be rather odd.
For instance, they now have the feature to tab between programs refined, except that it isn’t refined. Windows has had the Alt-Tab feature for a long time and it allows you to tab through each open window to find what you’re looking for. Very handy and I use it quite a bit when I’m on a Windows box. Macs on the other hand have brought the system in, in a lame way. Yes, you can tab between programs, but you can’t tab between actual windows within those programs. I guess that problem exists in the fact that on a Mac you need to have a bazillion windows open (sorry, an overstatement, I meant grillion) in order to get anything done.
One of the other things that Mac has found to do is to put links to thinks like your Documents, Desktop, etc in the left hand of every window you open in the Finder. It’s a nice feature, but guess what, it copies Windows exactly. You combine this in with the switchable views for browsing files and it starts to get messy.
Overall, it seems that it’s pretty easy for someone to bounce back and forth between a Windows and a Mac machine, since they are nearly exactly the same, except for the fact that Windows snaps around much faster and is more stable than the Mac.
I guess I just find it ironic that a company whose big campaign is “Think Different” has just stooped to copying Windows components at this point in the game and innovates very very little. Instead of trying to cram out release of their Operating System, they should work on stabilizing it and speeding it up. I wouldn’t be suprised if the next iMac to come out in the Fall has a two button mouse!