How to make La Boulange croissants palatable

I have a general whinge-fest when it comes to the shittery of proper croissants in San Francisco (see here). Generally, you’re stuck getting the incredibly sub-par croissants from La Boulange. But, thankfully, I’ve come across the secret to making them much better:

1. Buy the croissant and bring it home.
2. Put it in a toaster oven for a bit.
3. Spread a thin layer of butter across the top.

This works because:

a) La Boulange croissants are typically stale.
b) They use too little butter in making them.

There is little that I can do to alleviate the $2.50 price for them though short of making them at home and/or moving somewhere where you can get tremendous croissants for $1 like say, The Congo.

2 Replies to “How to make La Boulange croissants palatable”

  1. Have you tried french-made frozen croissants at Trader Joe and Whole Foods? They do not have them in stock all the time, but with some luck you can find them.

  2. Yeah, I’ve tried them and they’re sorta alright. Admittedly, the reason Boulange gets away with what they do is that the croissant offer ain’t so good in SF. Patisserie Phillipe was one of the few that was indeed better or Tell Tale Preserves, but they’ve both closed/been sold.

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