Hot Mamas

Those in the US know the lovely term “milf”, but really, these lovely ladies in the US have nothing on the European women. Everywhere I looked on my trip were women so incredibly hot that you swear the kid in the stroller must have been their sister’s or something. Why is this the case?
Here is my theory. Please keep in mind that this is not scientifically researched and it is coming from me, so there is going to be a lot of generalization and shat to it. My theory is that after a first child, the women go hyper active in wanting to look good, so they over diet and exercise like crazy. Many are in better shape than before they had a kid if you can believe that.
For those not trekking around Europe, you can see this in Posh Spice who has gone too far and looks like an anorexic clown because she is obviously starving herself to stay trim after the kids her and Bex have had.
Most sensible girls over here seem to not go so nuts after their second kid and return to normal. The lesson for European guys? Have one kid. The lesson for American guys? Move to Europe. Have one kid.