Hooray it’s my B-Day

Gotta love it. Or maybe not so much. It is my last year of 20’s afterall. While somewhat sad, it seems that things generally get better as I get older. A lot of people freak out at these points and wonder what they’ve done that’s worthwhile in life. I’m thankful I don’t have any of that. Of course I have shot three short films, one feature-length, and a documentary. Add in to that having gone to Europe a couple of times and graduating from what most find to be a pretty reputable unversity. I suppose that detracts from any feelings of remorse.
I may not have full time work right now, but I have full time life! I am awesome. I am great. I am all those things you can get away with saying on your birthday, because it’s your freakin’ day and everyone has just gotta deal. Word.