Holy Moly. They got Nkunda

The late breaking news of last night is that they (the Rwandan troops) caught Laurent Nkunda. For those unfamiliar with the giant ball of trouble he and his troops have been, read up.
His arrest is good news to: everyone living in the east of DR Congo, the Congo peace process, the disarmament process, bordering countries of Congo, the UN, gorillas, and well, just about everyone.
His arrest is bad news to: the guys who were kissing his ass in the hopes of a promotion down the road whenever his “victory” (ie reigniting the genocide) was completed. And that’s about it. Oh, it’s probably not so good for his goat either.
We’ll have to see if this sticks. After having finished up “Chief of Station” by Larry Devlin, it goes a long way to show that guys of this much notoriety in the Congo either end up a) dead or b) escaping. Of course a increasingly sexier third option these days is getting to stand before the ICT, so you never know. Again, let’s just see if this sticks first.