Holy Geez

Another year has gone by on this site thing I’m doing here. That makes two years in total I’ve been at it since September 23, 2003. With 356 bits written and 147 photos in the image archive, the site has really come along.
It’s gotten so big that I had to split off parts of it to other sites, like hudin.net where I put everything that used to be in the “Upgrade” section. That started life as a detailed and simple explanation of what I went through in an OS X Upgrade at my last job and then it spread out to cover some interesting bits (at least I think so) about the whole Adobe InDesign/InCopy system for Creative Suite 1 and Creative Suite 2. I’m pretty happy with that and hope it’s a good resource to folks out there.
Then of course, my very simple page which used to be called “What” here has been moved to hudin.org where it’s much, much more these days. I built up a whole database-driven family tree system that I’m really happy with because it’s allow me to finally get all my family straight in my head as well as allow me to conduct more research and not lose the information in the process. So, if you came here looking for Hudins, go there and you’ll get a dose of more Hudin than you ever could have dreamed of. The submission and relationship sections are both complete and running as well so that they can take additions from other Hudins out there.
On a personal level, let’s see… I’m out of work again, just like when I started this site. I’m still with the same girl and that’s well. I’ve moved only three times, but one of those was from a studio to a one bedroom on the same floor, so that doesn’t really count. But not too much else has changed, which is remarkable considering how much time has passed. I suppose it was my last job that put me in to something of a holding pattern for life advances as was evidenced by the fact that I shot a feature-length film just before I started the job and have since leaving, shot and completed a short film with nothing in between the two projects. Funny how that works…
Enjoy the site and keep reading on. I’m sure I’m not going anywhere and I mean that in a good way.