untitledThis had to be the most unusual display I saw for the day at Maker Faire Africa. Paul Karikari has developed this method of blending together aluminum shavings, water, and some kind of powder to produce a very powerful heating agent. When stored in a container, it emanates a great deal of heat. He and his assistant showed several examples of what could be practical implementations such as a fridge that they had converted in to a heating box, a speaker which they converted in to a space heater, and lastly a pot that they converted in to an “emergency iron”.
It’s all new to me. I had no idea that aluminum would work to produce this kind of effect. From what I’m told, it’s probably all due to a reaction of the components which then boils off the water and heats. Because once bought, the super secret mixture will work for months if not years as long as you add new water to it.
Again, I don’t get it, but I was a horrible student in chemistry. They are however basing a great deal of the model on using aluminum. This particular item is quite cheap in Ghana as they mine it here. I really admire how they are using a common element to power their heater, but that makes the heater really best suited for a place like Ghana. Places where heating is required in larger amounts have aluminum costing a great deal more.
Still, there could be some potential with their design. It is definitely cheap and it did indeed produce heat. If used in a place like the US, there would be never ending questions as to what is in it, but I suppose that bridge would be crossed once it appeared on the horizon.
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