Hmm, This Not Be Good

While the fire doesn’t affect most of the Capital Corridor service of Amtrak, it will still cause some problems in general. Not having a car, I like Amtrak a lot, but I have to admit that it does have delays and these are almost always because they rent the rail lines from Union Pacific. The fact that there are no rails in this section now (as you can see from the pictures) is a bit more than just a bureaucratic issue though.
It comes at a pretty bad time too, since this route has gotten quite popular. I just hope that most folks won’t assume (as I did at first) that Sacramento will be cut off from the Bay Area. Yeah, I know my Sacramento Valley geography is not so good… But, this route needs to flourish and grow because it’s a perfect example of how our national rail system can indeed work if people just give a damn about it!