Hittin’ the Hog

This year marked the start of something I could see as being a new tradition for me, which is to actually celebrate Groundhog Day. Once past grade school age, we pretty much forget about the little marmot popping out each year to check his shadow, but the tradition does carry on regardless of our ignorance to it in our fast-paced “adult” lives.
A co-worker had been having this party annually for something like a decade and invited me this year to attend my first ever Groundhog Day party. You might ask what you do on such a party and I’m glad that you did ask, even if you didn’t. Basically, you sit around and roast a groundhog for about four hours. They start to get really tender at that point, but of course, by the time the hog is ready, you’re really drunk anyways, so the eating of the hog is pretty much just ceremonial. Just make sure you’ve gotten one that’s been acorn fed. Those grass fed ones taste like vegan…
In all truthfulness, the festivities revolve foremost around drinking (as do any true festivities). You eat a bunch of snacks, such as delectable, “fat balls” (basically baked dough around pepperoni, cheese, and a looming heart attack) and then you watch Groundhog Day which is a movie which when watched once a year, never gets old. That’s about it. Oh yeah, you also have a trivia quiz before the movie, based on “facts” that your host has rounded up.
I’d have to say it’s enjoyable overall and I don’t know why more people don’t do it. February 2nd is such a dead date otherwise. There are no real holidays for weeks before and after and it gives single people something to do instead of dreading the encroachment of Valentine’s Day that makes them hit the online dating like locusts.
Now that I’ve finally picked the hast bits of hog out of my teeth, I’m already starting to itch for next year’s hog-a-thon.
Hittin' the Hog

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  1. You have a standing invite every freaking year. And remember, Bill Murray was bitten by the groundhog exactly 2 times during filming.

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