History Made. Palin Stays in Alaska. That’s a Win-Win, Nation.

Well, we did it. We elected the first black president, although to be fair, he’s half white and half black, which goes to show how much emphasis we put only on appearance in this country. Whatever the case, he ain’t some spoiled white brat from Texas. This is good news and I’m going to be curious to see how this plays out culturally in the US, because really, we just picked a damned fine orator, not a damned fine leader. The purely leader option wasn’t on the ticket this year, but I’m quite happy with what we got.
The best news of course if that “You betcha” is going to stay the hell up in Alaska. Four years with her hockey mom shtick would probably make me more crazy than any of McCain’s policies. I mean, I didn’t really dislike Alaska until this year. They did their thing up there with the freezing their asses off and all. But, sending Palin our way was really not cool. And now, as I write this at 23:10 the night of the election, it appears that convicted felon, Ted Stevens is actually going to be elected to another senate term up there. Let me reiterate that they are electing a convicted felon. Does the news get blocked up there or does the Aurora Borealis scramble the mind? If he really gets elected, that soooo makes them dumber than California for electing the Terminator. Like, I totally hope I wake up to different news tomorrow.
History Made.  Palin Stays in Alaska.  That's a Win-Win, Nation.