Hippy Stoner Bongo Dummers

I was walking through Golden Gate Park with my moma nd brother today, on our way to the conservatory of flowers – www.conservatoryofflowers.org and as we walked through the part of the park that is near the eastern entrance we came upon a drumming circle of stoned out hippy freaks.
Now, most people would go, “Hey, what’s your problem? They’re not hurting anyone, they’re jsut drumming.” Yes, this is true, but they’re doing it in a public space I walk through. It’s not their space, it’s all of our space. Add in to that fact, they’re really bad and unable to keep anything but an untimed 4/4 rythym and that’s a shaky ordeal at best. Add in this, the complete ignorance about how bad they are and that there is an international code that no matter where in the world you are, anyone in a drumming circle must be crap, you find yourself in the middle of a very unenjoyable time for the ears.
There are times, when I find the hippies to be one and the same with the yuppies. They’re both these short-term thinking, “Me” people who only care about themselves. They try to pass off like they’re pro environment or vegan or what have you, but most of the guys are doing this to get themselves hairy hippy women and I have not idea why the women do it. I think that my in my high-standing, money-earning way am doing a lot more for the environment with the products I choose to buy, the candidates I choose to vote for and the way I lead my life than these doofuses (note this is different from the doofus look mentioned below) who use the “free” lifestyle as an excuse to not work and be a loser and dreg to society.
Pardon the rage, but I’ve been subjected to a lot of drumming circles in my life and as a consumate musician who doesn’t sit on a park bench playing blap-blap-blap-blap blong-blong-blong… blap, I find them to fall in a class of inanity that only they can be part of.