Hey Whole Foods, why the Cheerios?

Hey Whole Foods, why the Cheerios?

It is often that I frequent my local Whole Foods market here in San Francisco. I love the food selection and the quality of the meat and produce. I love looking at Vegans make wrinkly faces as they walk by the meat counter and whisper to each other so that everyone can hear, “Man, we should have gone to the co-op.” Yes, yes you should have.

But it’s not just the fresh items that I like. It’s also the canned and boxed things. It’s the wall of granolas and the fact that Whole Foods has made me a granola muncher again after revolting against the coconut beet root grain whatever that my parents had me eat as a child. The aisles for grains are fantastic and worth spending time in, for everything is a tasty, healthy choice for the most part.

So, it was with great unhappiness that I found freakin’ Cheerios there the other day. Now, these aren’t Fruit Loops or anything, but they are 1) Made by the massive conglomerate, General Mills and 2) Able to be gotten anywhere, including my corner liquor store and 3) Not really all that healthy. So, why is Whole Foods carrying boxes of these cereals? Have they suddenly gone organic without any fanfare? No, I doubt that. So, it makes me wonder if this is a new tactic by Whole Foods to slowly sneak in these big brands to try and fool those lulled in to a false sense of health just because they shop there?

Yes, there are the yuppie soccer moms on the cellphones who just toss anything in to their cart and run to the checkout. But, from casual observance, it seems to me that Whole Foods customers are picky people who go there because it’s better and because they read labels and look at ingredients. If they decide to start selling crap from the quasi-healthy national brands (albeit some health food brands are getting more national) then it won’t be a shock if Whole Foods suddenly reports their first quarterly loss and in a holiday quarter nonetheless.

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  1. I love Cheerios and want whole foods to carry wheat chex also. CHeerios is the only thing I buy at Whole foods.

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