Hey, Where’s the Blinking?!!

I was just looking out my window last night and noticed that the blinking Christmas light on top of the Transamerica Building (aka the pointy one) isn’t there! It’s been there ever since I can remember, which is admittedly not that long, but still, what gives?
It was there last year. There isn’t any kind of power crunch right now. Looks like our color level is yellow right now, which in reality is the new blue, so the terrorist threat is minimal. Thanks for that that one, DHS! The FBI couldn’t give us colors! No sir. About time to elevate it don’t you think? Oh wait, people don’t pay attention anymore and the Pubs lost out on Congress, so there’s little point. But still…
Anyways, where the hell is Christmas light on the pyramid?!! Without that I don’t know when it’s Christmastime. It could be Hammertime now for all I know and what the hell do you give for that? Balloon pants and bankruptcy notifications? That’s no fun at all.