Hey, I Learned Somethin’

So, as I was poking around the Google Image Search, which has its good days and its bad, I found a shot of the Peristyle of Emporer Diocletian’s Summer Palace in Split, Croatia, which is a rather popular link for folks to my site. There are of course a lot of other shots in there as well which show this pretty cool structure in the heart of the palace. One (which I somehow couldn’t find when searching this time) shows that the statue of Grgur Ninski was actually sitting in the middle of the Peristyle. Must have been pretty cool to see, but it also probably blocked the outdoor seating for the cafes in a very annoying manner.
Anyways, I was being lame when I put some of the photos in my photos section and I gave this one here a pretty lame title. It turns out this is really a “vestibule” where the noble types would meet before things happened. I suppose it was only when weather was permitting since this thing never had a roof. Of course, this was built to be a Summer Palace, so go figure.
I also found out that Mario Andretti, who is Italian of course, was born in what is today Croatia, specifically Motovun which was called Montona when it was still Italian land. When I visited there this year, I had never really felt that Istria was historically part of Croatia, since among other things, I could say the name of the place without doing shots of