Hey, great name.

Any true geek out there knows that bit from The Simpsons where Homer changes his name to Max Power. In some way, I think that all of us who grew up with the funky name through school can relate to and love that episode of the series. While there’s no competition between the weirdness of my last name and a friend of mine’s boyfriend who’s last name is Swallow (I pity his 5th grade experience), I still find my name tough sometimes. The main reason is the fact that people say it wrong. Everywhere. All the time. It’s to the point where when they say, “Hewden” that don’t really say anything anymore. For the record (and spider searches galore) the correct pronunciation of the name Hudin is “Hoodine” with the “oo” sound from “true” and the “ee” sound from “green”.
But what got me on this was some names I’ve seen and remembered lately. For one, there was a Milton professor I had at Berkeley whose last name was “West”. That is an awesome Anglo-Saxon name. “West”. It’s succinct and just… there with it’s own gravity and laws of physics. But, once you tack on his first name of “Will” to get “Will West” it opens up a whole new dimension that you can’t touch. “Will West” can be a hero or a villain. It’s that anything name that we wish we all had. A “Max Power” of the real world. I mean the guy could have beaned random students in the head with chalk, got up on the lectern and made chicken sounds, and after his dismount have just said, “I’m Will West” and we would have all gone with it, left to wallow in our surname inadequacies. As it was, he made puns and jokes having to deal with translating from Ancient Greek to High German and in to English that we didn’t get, but we didn’t have to. We just bathed in everything West and were satisified.
The name thing was also stuck in my head as I checked my mail a day ago and there was some undeliverable mail for a guy named, “Zander Strong”. Once again, an awesome name, although I doubt the verisimilitude of said name. It seems like a “Santos Halper” to me. Still, I am in awe. I don’t know how these people in the world get these names, but more power to them.