Here & There: 2009 Recap

While normally I use this space to point out other links floating around out there, I’m going to change that up a bit and point to articles from this blog that I personally liked or that generated some buzz. While obviously incredibly navel gazing, it’s been a busy year and next year promises to be even more so. I’d just like to take a minute to stop, breathe and look around at what’s happened.

Amusing to me that an ITCY fugitive was thought to be hiding out in Kenya because naturally, a Serb war criminal would just blend right in there.

Google AdSense Payment Scam
This sucks and we have yet to really see any movement by Google in the direction of making payments to Africans who run Google AdSense on their sites.

Forsyth is on the move
Why are there so many Guineas in the world and why has Frederick Forsyth been part of coups in them?

Yeah, what happened with that?

Kenya’s most relevant search?
Black hat SEO for Kenya.

The Dynamic Blogging Kit
What is the bestest, cheapest setup for a blogger on the go?

Mapping Africa’s data centers
Unfortunately sobering.

English: The open source language
You know it’s true. That’s why we love to hate it so much.

The inland DR Congo cable
Terrestrial broadband is slowly snaking its way in to one of the largest and most unwired countries on the continent.

Blogging in Ghana
More observations and a lot of really great things that I learned.

Nigerians as the new Russians
Not terribly cool, but a definite trend.

The confusing science of caring
Asking why social media campaigns seem to ignore Africa.

The sun is shining in Africa
Probably the article that got the most mileage of the year and one that I’m really quite pleased with as the questions about The Cloud and the rest of the world (not just Africa) need to be thought about.

Why Francophone Africa is less dynamic than Anglophone
An article that a Francophone blogger asked and one that I hope people will pick up and think about more as cross-lingual issues are worked upon in 2010.

Internet Explorer 6. You are dead to me.
Perhaps not the most poignant article in the world, but I just wanted to put it in the list as I am truly, truly done with IE6. At least I can take that away from 2009 if nothing else.