Here and There

A couple of smaller things that happened recently and I felt like sharing in case you hadn’t heard.
Seacom arrived, what changed?
Good, quick article on about life in the post-Seacom landing era. Is it crazy good times internet or just sorta the same as before but with the possibility of high speed… somewhere? Appears a lot of folks aren’t too sure.
Bado Kidogo Google Translate: Swahili
Really fantastic post about the pluses and minuses of Google’s new translation option in Swahili which I mentioned previously. In all fairness to Google, their system does indeed get better over time. Very common languages like French and Spanish wickedly sucked two years ago and these days, they’re getting quite decent. Of course, as the article points out, Kiswahili is massively different than European languages.
Mobile XL goes Orange. Hits Cameroon
These guys seem to be making good progress on getting a foothold in a lot of markets. Unfortunately you can’t find this as a news item on their site, but they’ve partnered up with Orange Cameroon (who also don’t update their news items) to distribute their browser there. Why should anyone care? As I mentioned before from Erik’s article the browser’s information delivery is powered by SMS. No data plan necessary. It all sounds pretty cool although I have yet to really play around with it myself. Maybe if I manage to somehow get to BarCamp Cameroon I’ll satisfy my curiosity.

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  1. lol “ Is it crazy good times internet“ wow that is funny. classic

    We don`t sound like that, do we?

    Thanks for the link to the Google translate article, very informative

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