Headshots are Bunk

Ah, the headshot. That must-have, required, absolute thing for every actor. Man do these things suck.
When it comes to the men actually, they’re not that bad, just usually way out of date. Guys don’t seem to want to update their pic if they’ve gained a bit of weight or lost a lot of hair. It’s understandable, but it’s not helpful. If the role you want to cast requires a guy about 25 and the guy who walks in is obviously 35, you have a problem.
For the women, it’s awful. I have yet to ever see a women who looks anywhere near what her headshot looks like. The problem is that they always get so incredibly made up for the shots. Yes you need to look good, but as with the men, if you don’t look like you, then the picture serves little function and once again, you have a problem.
The worst for both genders as the “fuzzy” shots where they’ve either put a diffuser on the lens or mucked with it in Photoshop later to blend out fine (or not so fine) lines and wrinkles.
All of this culminates in to lost time. If someone walks in the door that looks nothing like picture you were sent it wastes your time and it wastes their’s because you’re obviously not going to be casting them. Yeah, some of them think they can play any age for some reason, but this is not the case. It all gets summed up in The Simpsons (like everything) where Homer asks Mel Gibson how old he is, to which Gibson responds something like, “Well, I been told I can play 25 to 50.” Therein is the rub of the actor.