Have a shitty Christmas. The Catalan Crap Log song

The tió, a Catalan Christmas tradition. Actually, it nearly hasn’t been as three years ago, the wise amongst us realized that there was a crap log crisis brewing as the tradition was dying out to some degree. And, what is this tradition? No, it’s to be confused the caganer you see in nativity scenes. This is a much more active scatalogical element to Catalan Christmas which I wrote about several years ago when it blew my goddamned mind that kids would hit a log and sing a song to make said log shit out gifts.

To make this even more accessible than the basic premise of a log taking a shit, some geniuses made a song for it which you can view above and is much more original than a parody of Gangnam Style that bitches about how shitty Empordà is in winter. No, this song is catchy, has hot chicks hitting the log, and sports a techno beat breakdown that also sports wood.

Plus, there’s the fantastically positive message at the end to “have a shitty Christmas”. I now know how all my cards will be signed this year… and probably for the foreseeable future.