Happy Saint George’s Day!

It’s not the most well-known holiday outside of Catalonia, but it should be. You see, today is Diada de Sant Jordi, otherwise known as Saint George’s Day in English. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, Saint George is an English saint. Well, regardless of that, he’s mighty big in Catalonia and they celebrate the day in a pretty cool way.
You can read all the details on the almighty Wikipedia, but the crux of it is that it’s a lot like American Valentine’s Day, but without the gross consumerism because all they give are roses and books to each other. Actually, historically, men gave the women a rose and women gave the men a book, but many people seem to give books and roses now. It’s certainly not without its profitability though, seeing as how it pulled in $90 million dollars just for this one day, in just Catalonia, a region that has 7.1 million people. That’s a lot of books and roses (5.5 million roses to be exact)!

But, it’s a very smart and very cool holiday as well as a good time to be in Barcelona (no, not Barthelona) with all of the streets filled with makeshift book and rose sellers for the day. If interested, you can see some coverage in photos. You’ll notice that there are some famous Spanish authors there who are signing their books for the day.