Happy Beer, Meat, and Fire Day

Hey there, it’s the 4th of July. That means some drinking and some eating for Americans. It also means that I will not be there for it as I am currently very much out of the country, enjoying Sarajevo and seeing what a city looks like when the major religions of the world all come to rest in one spot.
Do I miss being in the US today? Hmm, no. I am eating all the freaking burek and čevapčići that I can handle lately and it has been good. Very good. A nice grilled slab of meat done up American style would be pretty tasty today, but it can’t hold a light to what they do with the four legged animals here.
So, live it up and enjoy the 231st year of the America telling England to shove it. Given what we’ve done with the language since then, it might not have been the best move, but hey, rock on, USA.
Happy Beer, Meat, and Fire Day

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  1. Happy 4th! I once saw an ad that had a list of the 50 things people should do before they die, and spending the 4th of July outside of America was one of them, presumably so one can see that the rest of the world doesn’t stop spinning just because we though some dogs on the grill, but whatever the case, you can now knock it off your list. What is a Burek by the way?

    1. Yeah, but we went to this event that was put on by the Japanese Embassy in Sarajevo and they actually had to do it later because of the 4th festivities for the American Embassy here. Stupid America…
      As to what a burek is, that is just one of the most tasty things you can have in the Balkans. I’ll write a separate article about them to give them their due.

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