Halfwit IT

In doing some consulting work lately, I’m finding that I’m having to clean up a lot of problems that this other guy is creating. Supposedly, he is their IT consultant, but in looking over the things that he’s done, it’s obvious that there are two things at play. A) He’s a Windows guy if he’s anything. B) He’s not a very good IT guy.
It’s amazing to see someone, who is probably getting paid around $75-$125 an hour to do what he does cause so many problems. The worst part in all of this is not so much that he keeps causing problems, but more that he is arrogant about the ones that he’s caused. Everytime I’ve tried to talk to him on the phone, he’s always eating. You know that scene out of Fight Club where Edward Norton calls up Brad Pitt on the pay phone once his apartment is blown up and Brad is munching chips in to the phone? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.
What’s scary to me is that this guy will try to work on Macs. Despite the ads about how simple these machines are supposed to be, they’re actually pretty complex, since you need to get a knack in how to trick the machine in to doing what you want. Whereas Windows on the other hand you can cludge in to doing whatever you want and have a really lousy fix that will plod on for years. But this IT guy is just bad when it comes to the Macs and yet they keep having him come down and then have me come down to fix whatever he’s just broken.
This all makes me remember back to my last job where the IT Director (who was let go) would tell people in the Napa office that he was in San Francisco and tell the people in the San Francisco office that he was in Napa, when in reality he was at home eating Cheese Wiz on a Ritz cracker and not doing anything. It’s guys like him and this other guy that I’m dealing with who make life hard for the rest of us, since they create immediate contention for the technology people in the world and even if you come in all smiles to a new job, you’ll eventually get crushed to complete frowns. It sucks and I don’t really know if there is a solution to it, since they people who are hiring us don’t know about what we do, since that’s why they’re hiring us. Ultimately, you get some skunky employees in there at times, like the guy I replaced at my last job who just stopped showing up, after showing up drunk for work for a couple months.
Just watch yourself when hiring us in technology. There are quite a few bad seeds in lot.