Ha ha! You can’t call me back!

Okay, so I’m a little mystified as to why certain people will call you with their caller ID blocking on. For some reason, they have decided that they want to make sure that you can’t call them back. I find this mysterious to say the least. Some of them will leave voicemail, but the vast majority won’t and so you have no way to reach them.
So, I pose a call to arms and say that if you have a phone with caller ID (almost all new cellphones do) and you get a call from someone who witholds their number, don’t answer the call. We must force these subversive individuals into unblocking their numbers. We must make them reachable and accountable for their outgoing calls!
Or don’t. It was just something on my mind since I know two people who do this and they both called me last night.
Hope you had a good Halloween!