Recap of a succesful BarCamp Africa UK

A great day. For an event that started out as musing by one of the organizers, this barcamp ended up being on of the best-organized events I’ve been to in a long time. While the structure was not as organic as many barcamps, I think that it went a long way towards keeping it pretty much on time in a one day event which, when you get right down to it, flies by really fast.
Sessions ran a gamut of topics, but all stuck to technology and Africa as the core of the focus. And the sessions (at least the ones I experienced) had great participation by those in attendance. When talking to a lot of the attendees, they said that this was the first barcamp they had been to. For some, they had been to other camps previously, but still, everyone really added to the conversation. I can only assume that this was due to people being quite passionate about the topics and really wanting to be part of the conversation, which is great.
Only at one point did the conversation get a big fiery when the discussion of the session turned from talking about telecoms in Africa to talking about technology deployment. Basically, the argument was, do you work to deploy what is the most advanced technology and thus “leapfrog” minor advances or do you deploy those minor advances as they become available. In other words, if you can deploy a 256kb connection to people in a country, do you do that now, or invest in a 100mb connection that might come along in a year? Obviously a very hot topic and it appears that no one, whether African or non-African has the same point of view on it.
Deployment debates aside, the event was lively and I have to say that Vodafone have spent their bags of money that they’re making in providing a very nice office to their employees. While not quite at the level of the Googleplex in Mountain View, California, it’s quite obvious that they were shooting for that and you never had to worry about power or an internet connection while there. Basically, they dealt with two of the biggest problems that a barcamp faces.
I’m going to write a bit more in detail on topics that I found interesting and were quite happy to be hearing about for the first time. But again, a solid event that I was thankful to have made.
Recap of a succesful BarCamp Africa UK

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  1. Yes, that is indeed him. Was nice to see him again after meeting in Mountain View last year.

  2. So which did you advocate for? Deploy what is the most advanced technology and thus “leapfrog” minor advances or deploy those minor advances as they become available? And doesn’t that sound like Cloud4D? Building for future bandwidth v. what’s there today.

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