Gringo’s and their burritos

Was back at my new favorite burrito place near my apartment today and got myself a simply lovely Pollo Verde Super Buritto.
As I was wantonly watching my feast be made, some crazy white guy walks in and gets a super burrito as well, but without beans and guacamole. He also got it as a vegetarian. In my head I was thinking “Gringo, no frijoles?!! Frijoles hechen el burrito!”
What’s up with these white people who run around getting what end being glorified crepes that they’re calling burritos. This is sick sick sick. If you don’t like a burrito, then don’t get a burrito!
Now, there’s nothing wrong with skipping items on a Chima Chunga. That, afterall is not the most authentic of Mexican cuisine, but the burrito, come on, you must embrace the black beans. You must lovingly let the guacamole saturate your mouth. If not, go get a hot dog, buddy.
We’re really spoiled here in California whith what is usually great Mexican food. Some of my favorite places are down in the SF Mission District, but that’s a bit of a haul to get a $5 dish. But, even being surrounded by Mexican culture, or maybe a more correct way of saying it is immersed in Mexican culture (California was afterall Mexican land) it cracks me up how ignorant some people are of Spanish words. Most of us are guilty of saying things like Va-lay-hoe when it should be said Vay-ay-hoe. There are some people that really are goofballs when it comes to Spanish words, such as this one woman in front of my at a drive through (yes, it was corporate Mexican food, bad me) and she ordered a Ques-a-dil-la. Truly lovely.
So, that’s my short spiel about the beauty of Mexican food as I sit here still tasting the tomatoes and cilanthro on my tongue. Perhaps I’ll mention my “love” of Chevy’s as some point…

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  1. If their in america, they should learn to speak American. Why should I say things in they’re language. Ill damn well say Vallejo how I want to. Nobody gunna tell me in my country how to speak things right.

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