Green Remembrance

As I was walking back from the store last Saturday, a fellow came walking towards me. He was a little bleary-eyed with worn swagger to him, unshaven and hair messed up (and not in a fashionable way). He was obviously a reveler from Saint Patrick’s the night before who had crashed at a friend’s house in the downtown here. Finding that it was one in the afternoon when he woke up, he appeared to be making his way back home.
This all reminded me of the celebrations in Chico that would ensnare the town with the rowdy student body. Halloween started out fun, but in recent years deteriorated in to intoxicated stupidity wandering the street, causing problems to the point where the police now shut the downtown area of town up to most everyone. Pretty sad really, since I remember it being great fun to go over to when I was younger.
Then there were Pioneer Days that got so out of control that they had to cancel the entire celebration. I was only 10 when the bad one happened in 1987, so I really don’t remember if that was a fun time or not before it got out of hand, but I’m guessing it wasn’t all that great based on how crappy the drinkfests of Chico can be after they jump the shark.
Saint Patrick’s was always a big to do with drunken fools running around everywhere. Kids would start drinking when the bars would open at 6AM and not stop until 2AM in what was the next day. It was a crazy, filthy, pukey ordeal that most of the business owners never really looked forward to. Apparently though, Chico State and Butte College (whose vast majority of students live in Chico) had enough with Saint Patrick’s and actually changed the date of Spring Break to cover the week when March 17th rolls around. I didn’t hear too many reports about how that went this year, but I doubt there were so many idiots running rampant as there usually were.
It’s not just my “old age” that’s doing the talking on why it’s good to be rid of this crap. Chico is a wonderful town in a great location with a student body who are by and large a pretty serious group. Yeah, they party like any college kids, but it sucks for those that go there for a degree when idiots give the school a bad rap and no one takes your degree seriously because of that.