Graz Photos Online

So here is the last of two major photo updates. These are all shots of Graz (that goes to their tourism site.) For anyone looking in the photo section over the last few days, this really isn’t news since I put them up there a little bit ago, but I thought I’d mention it nonetheless.
If you’re done with my blathering, start viewing the Graz Photos. For a little background on them, this was all from my day and a half that I spent there. Not really enough time, but such as it always is when on one of these trips. The old city and the Schlossberg were the most interesting parts of the city, but it really is a nice spot in southern Austria.
No movies for this one unfortunately, but the photos tell it all. Bring up the ones that cover the walk up the Schlossberg and flip through them really fast, you might get the feeling they’re animated or somethin’.
Someday I’m sure I’ll pass through again. It would just be smart to do it in winter so I can brutalize my non-skiing self on the slopes or in the summer so I can enjoy bright, happy weather with all the other tourists. One last note is that I’m rather surprised to find that it’s a sister city to Dubrovnik, but actually not all that surprised when I really think about it. They’re both very nice places.