Gotta Love The Twits

For some reason, I believe that there will always exist people in the world that are bored. These people will often have some form of self-sustained existence completely at hand and not really have to worry about the hand to mouth issues of everyday life that the rest of us are plagued with. Some of them will turn to drinking and overall lackluster lives. Others may turn to more creative endeavors and actually produce something worthwhile to persist in the world after they’ve died. Yes others will discover the vast universe of computers and all of the stupid, annoying things you can do therein to get under the skin of people that just want things to work.
It is of course this last group that has accosted me these days and I don’t know why other than the fact they have nothing else to do. It started with spamback referrals for my website, which are these “great” things that give you phony links to your sites. Some people say they do nothing. Others say they lower your search results on Google and other search engines. I have yet to see the later happen to any great degree, but I can tell you that they’re very annoying and fill up your logs with vast detrius bits of data.
So, in blocking the people doing this, it appears that they now have decide to start sending me spam through a piece of code sitting on my site to allow people to contact me. This would be fine if these were actual, valid messages, but they’re not. They’ve set up some kind of bot that does it at regular intervals and just dumps a pile of worthless, empty messages in to my mail each day. Obviously this is something that anyone wants to avoid and so I had to think for a bit to come up with a solution.
I did manage to figure out a way around their junk and it lies within sessions. If you think about it and how they send their messages, then you can see how there is an obvious way to stop someone from remotely sending junk through a script processing a form. And so far it seems to be working. They’re getting blocked with a rather terse reply from my server when they try this and hopefully this will be the end of this one.
I guess this site is moving up in ratings or something, because I’m seeing a good number of the problems that others have seen as a site grows. It’s also been around for a couple of years, so I suppose it was bound to happen. In some ways these minor annoyances are good because they force you to write good, solid, secure code. It doesn’t really go far enough for me to want to thank them in any way shape or form, but at least they serve some function besides getting drunk on the steps of my apartment each night and singing power ballads out of tune.