Google Kinda Sorta Sucks Now

I don’t know when it happened, but it seems that lately, Google hasn’t really been all that great for things. Yes, they’ve become a buzzword, verb, and synonymous with being the internet, but to be honest, their searches just aren’t all that great. When I search for things, I get dead pages. When I search for images, maybe 25% of them aren’t there. These were the kind of results that I used to get back in the pre-Google days when no one really cared about searching and it was just something that was kinda handy. In walks Google and now it’s soemthing that’s really profitable, but they’re not really do all that good a job of it now. For instance, I relaunched my film site for Betafuse Pictures about 2-3 weeks ago and they’re still showing old links on the site when searches bring it up as a result. Yes, they’ve updated to have the most recent look there, but the content has not been properly re-indexed. They show “about.php” as the second result when that’s not even a page anymore!
I bring all this up, because the company known as “The Evil One”, Microsoft’s MSN search has been doing a much better job. Obviously they’ve been scared by Google and it’s had a good result. When I search for things, they’re up to date and not dead.
It’s tough to say, but search engines like MSN and Yahoo are generally giving me better results and performing in a more impressive manner. It’s true there are those out there that are skewing Google results, but this isn’t a results problem. It’s a search problem that is solely based on their technology not doing what it should. I know that they’re dumping scads of money in to Adword these days, but the only way Adwords works is if people trust the search. So, if someone like me can’t depend on it, I doubt that I’ll want to use Adwords to promote with.
Just some untasty food for thought.