Goodbye East Bay, Hello City

I was a proud proud East Bay resident ever since I arrived in the SF Bay Area in the fall of 1998. There were trees there! Trees! The floral attributes of Berkeley were a great transition for a rural country boy like me (not Midwest rural, just the Sacramento Valley rural.) I was happy, but time wore on and I realized that the real reason I have avoided the big scary City known as San Francisco was due to the fact that it was a tad pricey at the time due to this thing some of you may have heard of called the dot-com boom. Rents had tripled in many areas and it was way beyond what a poor college kid like me could afford.

Well, the dot-com craziness died down and with it, so did the rents. They dropped off so far in fact, that after five years in Berkeley, North Oakland, and Piedmont, I was finally able to move into San Francisco proper.

So, that’s where all this is starting. I’m currently a freelancer (the polite term for those of us laid off and living off contract jobs when we get them) and so I thought I’d start this up to see where it goes.