Good Thing to Know

This one’s technical, but don’t worry, there’s another, completely non-technical one today as well, just to balance things out.
It’s always been a true pain in the assular region when I got up a form on a website and it looks great in all the browser there are and then I test it in Explorer for Windows. Suddenly, an extra line break appears. It’s like there’s an additional break tag or something. I never was able to put my finger on the problem until I did some searching around and found the solution. It’s simple, just put form { margin: 0px; } somewhere in your style sheet definitions. Suddenly, the problem vanishes. Hoorah, hoorah!
Don’t ask my why Microsoft decided that we needed an extra bit of marginal padding on the ourtside of a form, but they decided we did. The best part about this solution is is for some reason they do ever standardize Explorer (ha, ha…) this won’t screw anything up all of the sudden. Ya gotta love solutions that go obsolete gracefully.