Good One Croats

Ah, nothing like Linux. It appears that my peeps in Croatia have decided to adopt Linux and other Open Source technologies to drive their government systems.
After my last trip in April, you start to see that their options in Europe in general revolve around Windows or Linux. Really, no one uses a Mac. Sure, you’ll see one here and there, but it’s not like a cafe in SF where half the machines are Macs and the other half some kind of Windows (or Linux) setup.
I should add that there is a third choice that a lot of folks exercise, which is to just steal the software. Seems to be very popular and it makes sense, as a copy of Windows for we average schmoes is $300 or whatever and for a computer vendor is $100. What’s up with that? It costs nothing to produce the disc once the system has been created.
My best wishes to Croatia. I am actually getting the nerve up to toss Linux on my new Thinkpad, but only in a virtual machine setup, since I loves my DreamWeaver so much. I suppose I could go the other way though as well. Huh, a thought to think about.