Good Customer Service vs. Bad Technology

Lately I’ve been dealing with a dilema which revolves around choosing whether to go with a company that has bad technology and great customer service or one with lousy cuetomer service and much, much better technology. Such is the wonderful kickdown fallout from our freemarket economy.
My biggest issue is my DSL connection. I’m currently using Speakeasy which seems like a good group with cheerful, intelligent people at the end of their phones. It seems that this comes at the cost of the technology being sound. It is very nice that the people are so good, since I’ve had tons of problems with the connection in that it’s never been stable. I’ve tried different phones, lines, wiring and everything, but depsite that and sending people out several times, it simply doesn’t matter. The thing is somewhat screwed and I guess I have to live with it. Or do I? I could always go with SBC. I used to be with them, but their tech support is basically non-existant. Thankfully I pretty much never had to call it because things were stable. So, that’s the choice I get. I don’t really know which one to go with anymore. I suppose the one that’s cheaper is the more intelligent choice, but I’m still at a loss.
I’m also not really finding my way when it comes to cellular providers. I now have T-Mobile who I switched to from Cingular. Cingular had just gotten too big (I’ve been with them since they were Cellular One, then Pac Bell, then Cingular, however, I’m still bummer about them not being Airtouch anymore, I liked that name) and as a result, their customer service had gotten pretty bad. Now, as was the case with SBC, I rarely every had to call them. T-Mobile on the other hand has great customer service with very helpful people who really know their way around cellphones. This is a good thing because I’ve had to call them on occasion due to some crewy problems I’ve had eveyr since I switched. Overall they’re good, but it seems like they go through times when they’re just not. So, much like my DSL provider, this is what I have to choose between–great customer service or reasonably good technology.
I hate to sound like an average consumer, but why can’t it just all work?!!