God we’re out of shape

As I was walking around Ocean Beach, enjoying the summerness of everything I couldn’t believe how flabby SF is. Naturally I had to forget the fact that everyone is English-pale, since that’s just a fact here and I am very much in a pale way myself, but still, even with no working out, I’m in better shape than at least 90% of the people that were out on the beach.
What gives SF? Everyone always complains about how skinny were are here and “exorexic” (you over-exercise to stay too thin) but looking out on the sand, things seemed contrary to that. Maybe it’s that in the tru irony of SF, all the normal people were out in the sun, while the people that live for the treadmill were inside, jogging off the pounds. Come to think of it, that’s probably the case.
Oddly enough though, it was the guys that were in better shape than the girls. It seems that it’s always the other way around. But, it may be that a lot of the guys out there were surfers and I think you must have to have a massive glandular disorder to be fat and surf.
It was great to see people getting some color, but it wasn’t so great seeing how much of some people there is that needs coloring.