God, I hate a parade

If San Francisco can love nothing else, it’s parades and as you may guess from the title, that I’m not much of a parade guy.
It seems like this is a pretty commonplace thing in big cities, but it really seems like there is some kind of parade at just the regular amount of intervals where you forget about them and get caught in the quagmire that ensues. Case in point, I had no idea that the parade was happening and thusly it took my an hour and a half to go a distance that usually takes five minutes. This is the beauty of the parade: it closes main streets and it drags everyone to the same speed as the parade. It’s ever so fun.
The thing I just can’t get with stuff like this St. Patrick’s Day parade that happened nearly a week before the actual holiday in question is why the hell do they close off half the town. There are times it feels as bad as Berkeley where there is this believe that the traffic is secondary to everything else in existence. I agree on the pricnipal, but SF is a pretty big city and you just can’t shut off a manjor artery like that and expect things to work. About the only fun thing in all of it is listening to some of the traffic cops let people have it for being stupid. I guess my parade yesterday was one more of profanity than an appreciate for whatever the hell it is they are celebrating.