Go Go Bonobos!

After getting bumped off of one of the UN flights east, we took the day to go up to see the bonobo monkeys in a protected reserve a bit outside of Kinshasa. Thankfully some friends of friends were headed that way as you really have to have a car to get to Lola Ya Bonobo.
DR Congo is the natural habitat for the bonobo monkey, which naturally means that they, like a great many animals in the country are threatened by all kinds of things from habitat destruction to poaching. This reserve is a place that was founded to give ones that have been abused a place to heal and live in safety. That being the case, these guys are quite friendly with humans, to a point of being kind of creepy.
The bonobo happens to be the closest animal relative to the human being. They really are something with how they look at you with what seem to be intelligent stares. It’s to the point where I would dare any creationist to go and visit these buggers and then look me in the eyes and tell me that evolution is a steaming load of crap. You see where we come from when you look at these guys.
Bonobos happen to be some of nature’s biggest perverts. They solve disputes through stimulation and sex acts instead of fighting, so they’re always mighty friendly with each other. They thing nothing about giving each other a little “rub” here and there to make sure that things are good. They don’t really care with which gender they give the rubbing. They also don’t think twice about sitting under each other while one pees and they can have a drink. They’re just out and out nasty. Oh yeah, the groups are also matriarchal, which means that the ladies are in charge.
Unfortunately it was the peak of the day and quite hot out, so the monkeys were a bit lazy. When they’re more active, they’ll think nothing about stealing your water bottle, heading over to a stream and filling it up. They also love to steal cameras and destroy them if you get too close to the fence. And as they stare out at you from behind that fence, you also feel as if we’re the ones on show for them. Again, I can’t get over how they look at you.
For those even more curious I managed to put up a bonobo gallery to show our little stroll through the land of these monkeys.
Go Go Bonobos!