GMail is Much Happier Used in the US

I have a couple of GMail accounts that I use. I also have a Yahoo account that I don’t use do much. The main reason being that I got on to the GMail a few years back and happen to like it. It’s really a matter of preference over anything else. Of course, once traveling, all of this changes.
From what I’ve seen (and really, I don’t use my Yahoo all that much), GMail really flounders when you’re outside the US. I don’t know if they don’t have enough servers in various countries or any number of reasons. All I know is that doing simple functions like checking my email or pulling up a list of contacts takes anywhere from five to ten times longer. When in Western Europe, the issue is a little less. When in Eastern Europe, the issue is a little more. It doesn’t make it stop functioning of course, like friends who have been in Africa have witnessed, but it does make it a less enjoyable system to use. Do I hop right back on it when back in US America? You bet I do. For here, it is very, very fast and (for the last year) reliable.
All of this really makes me wonder why it is so slow because last year when I was traveling it was a great deal faster; only bogging down when messages sent back and forth started getting long. This year however, it was noticeable slower and if messages were long, much slower. Is there some great firewall around the US that screens everything or is it just a matter of Google not keeping up with the user base overseas?
In the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter and even at its slowest, GMail still beats the hell out of the old days of email on dialup. Oh and it’s free too. Can’t hate the freebies.
GMail is Much Happier Used in the US

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  1. my man, since you have a Yahoo account, check out the new free text messaging function. It beats typing on your handset.

    1. Well, if you have a full keyboarded Nokia SMSing isn’t so bad, but I will have to check out this feature. I’ll just have to watch that I don’t send messages that are too long to people :|

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