Give Me a Break

MacBook Pro? What in the hell were they thinking?!! Sure, they’re going to be faster and be an update to their venerable high end laptop line that has been misssing for literally years, but what a stupid name. These are replacing the PowerBook line that has been around for years. PowerBook. That was a cool name. Anything with “power” it in it is cool, like Max Power for instance. It was a good name that had staying power. It sounded like it should cost more than and iBook. And guess what? It most certainly did.
There is no way in hell anyone should go out and get the first ones though. While Apple has a decent history with bringing out new products. Their updates are less than stellar. One great implosion was the update from the pancake iBooks (1st generation) to the white, traditional iBooks (2nd generation). Those were some really horrible machines. Another one was from the PowerMac G4 to the PowerMac G5. Despite what anyone says, I saw and continue to see those machines have massive components replaced on them many times. I suppose that’s why they cost so much, because Apple had to build in repair costs in to the price.
Besides the cautionary concerns over what is a huge change in hardware, there is the issue of Rosetta. Regardless of all the hype and the accolades from Apple about how your applications will be able to run on an Intel Mac like they used to on the IBM-chipped Mac, they won’t. Yes, they’ll start and function and all that, but Rosetta is going to be a really huge burden on speed. Things will run noticeably slower if they run at all. Some applications are going to be off limits until new versions can be made because one thing Mac doesn’t like to talk about is that applications built for the old chips will not natively run on these Intel Macs. Thus the need for Rosetta, which I’m guessing is some kind of ported build of Wine.
Be advised. Be wary. New Macs are potentially bad Macs. What to do? Wait 6-8 months if you really need to get one. Or, just get a Windows machine. Vista ain’t coming around for some time and even when it does, there is such a huge deployment of Windows 2000 and XP that they’ll continue to build software for them, for some time to come.

Note: I discovered this article which covers and expands on a lot of my points. Suffice to say, you are a true ass if you run out and buy one of these machines the minute they come out.