Give it up Apple

Guys, you need to lay off on the law suits. If it wasn’t for people leaking info and getting the public excited, who would care about you? yes, you have your loyal fans, but they’re getting older and being replaced by youths who are growing up on PC’s and Windows XP.
Let’s face it, you have an overpriced machine that is of poor quality. What keeps your stock high and people buying is the buzz you create. Steve Jobs may be a charismatic guy, but he’d be nothing without the throngs of dweebs who follow your product. It’s all these little pain in the ass bloggers that let people know when something comes out from you. it’s free advertising for Christ’s sake! How can that be bad? So what if they let people know about stuff before its released. This is not giving the competition the leg up, since honestly you don’t really have any competition. People who buy Apple products buy them because of the aforementioned buzz and for some other reason that remains elusive to me. I’ve seen people who have had three Macs die on them buy a 12″ iBook, one of your most worthless machines, just because its an Apple.
This goes beyond a 1st Ammendment issue and is purely and Apple stupidity problem. It’s a problem in the staff at Apple that is leaking important information and it’s the same problem that has plagued Apple for years in that there is dying, crazed, delusion believe that anything created there can’t be released and being proprietary is the way to go.
It burned you in the PC rush and it will probably burn you again.