Get Things Right

Proof of how dense people are, I often see the Apple line of computers abbreviated as MAC. I don’t know where this started, but it’s wrong. A Mac would be a Mac. MAC for those in the know is a Machine Access Code among other things. It also stands for some medical and scientific terms, but I don’t care about those as this all relates to computers dammit.
I’m curious as to the smackjob who started this. I suppose as it is PC or IBM, they figured MAC must work as well. That’s fine, except that PC is an acronym for Personal Computer, which a Mac actually is part of in the big scheme of technical taxonomy when you get down to it. IBM is also an acronym, in this case for International Business Machines. This is in great contrast to MAC which would be an ABBREVIATION for the Apple Macintosh. This is a different kind of thing and there is no reason to freakin’ capitalize it. Whenever I see that, I expect a physical address like 00-0E-EF-67-B2-ED to come after it, which is what a MAC really is in the computer world. Dunces. Get it right on job postings.

PS – Happy Birthday, Chris. I hope 26 treats you right. And also, Happy Birthday, Dinko. You’ll have to let me know how 29 goes, since you’ve got a couple day jump on me.