Get the Czech Look

Get the Czech Look

For the average non-Czech, you might be thinking, “Oh, but how can I look Czech for an outing?” The answer my friend is to head to your nearest REI and let them clothe you from head to toe. The Czechs love their outdoor clothing and they love potential utility as much if not more than Americans. The big difference is that while Americans want to have the ability to “climb any mountain”, the Czechs actually do it.

Czechs love adventure and thusly, this is the reason that they sometimes die in the pursuit of said adventure. Regardless, they’re ready for it. Just toss on a sporty backpack, some hiking shoes, or the ubiquitous padded-strap sport sandals and you’ve got yourself the Czech look. If the day is moving a little slow, then maybe toss on a pair of inline skates and whiz around town.

A lot of this stems from seemingly everyone having a cottage out of town that they all go to on the weekend for hiking and general outdoors business. But, they don’t limit it at that. While sitting in a beer garden, I saw guys pulling out their mountain climbing picks and either comparing the length or the use with each other. I mean, why do you bring a climbing pick to a beer garden? Because you Czech and you never know when a mountain is going to come your way, that’s why.

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