Germany is Not Lame This Month!

My favorite local spot, The Hidden Vine changes up their featured wine selection each month for a different wine growing region. This month happens to be Germany and I happened to love the reds they put out.
I started with the “Karl Joh. Molitor ‘Assmannhaüser Höllenberg’ Spätburgunder” which was basically a very nice Pinot Noir. Very tasty and fine. Good nose. Good fun. I moved on to the, “Schales Schwarzriesling” which is apparently a Pinot Meunier (no, it doesn’t sound like manure when you pronounce it). In a word, awesome. I dug this big time and so did my tasting companion who mostly liked whites. I can’t really compare it to anything. I guess it has this fresh tobacco, pine, and raspberry flavor to it with a pine/berry nose. Got me. I just loved it. Lastly was the “Weinbaudomaine Oppenheim” which was also quite good. Nice flavors and a deep body to it.
Much like their Austria month, I was really surprised by the reds. I never knew that they grew well in the Deutschland. As you can guess, my fave was the Pinot Meunier. If you’re in the hood or just looking for a nice tasting, it comes highly recommended from your’s truly.