Genius French

Fresh on the heels of Stupid French I write this article, because on my recent stay two things stuck out as being just flat-out brilliant in France (well, Paris to be specific): the food and digital price tags.

Many people ask themselves, “Why do I end up defending the French?” The answer is simple, the food. You have to respect a place where they give you the two options for your meat: bloody or perfect. Obviously, I always go for perfect because why not? The beef is amazing there and trying to tell the chef how to make it is lunacy. But it doesn’t stop at the meat. The salads are perfect. The pastas are perfect. The bread is heavenly. And then we get in to the desserts which are obviously graced across the walls of heaven once you get there. Any other country that attempts to come up with a parallel gastronomic bliss is out of its mind because it is just not possible.

But, I could go on about the food without much real closure other than to say I need to live and get fat in France for awhile at some point in my life. The real meat of this article is in the digital price tags that are at supermarkets like Monoprix. No more sloppy bits of paper or silly stickers. These guys have little digital LCDs on all the items in the store. Easy to change. Easy to draw attention to sales. Easy for everything. I was so amazed by them that I took a picture as you can see below. I have no idea when we’ll adopt these in the US. I assume once we get down that walking and chewing gum at the same time thing. Silly French. They’re genius!